[education is a weekly (or once in awhile) post about one or two worthwhile links. sites you should visit, see, hear, just generally experience and appreciate and learn from. I'll write a brief "WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?" along with each one. think about it. analyze it. do you like it? do you not? I want to educate you; as in the latin verb educo, to lead forth, as in I'm leading you away from my site. Hahaha.]

ED is important. It's a living, breathing Traité de bave et d’éternité. Forget MTV, forget the New Yorker, forget CBGB, forget California, ED is the real culture purveyor of our time. It is an irrational order to the chaos of the internet, without giving in to cheap gimmicks like sites that just post memes or try to capture the moment. ED utilizes the chaos: absorbs it, interprets it, uses it to define itself. ED perpetuates itself without shame.

Put simply, Encyclopedia Dramatica is Wikipedia for trolls. It also focuses primarily on internet culture. It is written in the language of that culture: hateful, rude, awful, distasteful, and unforgiving humor. ED embraces the notion that the internet is not a good place and that's okay. We prefer it to be a bad place. A celebration in decadence and irresponsibility. A rabbit hole unfit for Disney movies. A malevolent, unapologetic place mired with endless catacombs of self-referential nonsense. A dark foreboding forest to which there is no escape. I could go on with these metaphors, but I'll try to hold back.

To be broad and generalized, ED is what America needs most right now. Political commentators think about the left vs the right, liberal vs conservative, but really we need an influx of anarchy. Not to get all Joker on everyone, but we need a force to enter serious American politics that embodies the simple ideals of contempt and destruction. Obama, in a way, ran on a platform which appealed to those ideas: "change" and all that bullshit. The core belief is that the status quo is wholly inadequate and its foundation is built with bullshit. Things need to be burned down in order to be properly rebuilt. Don't just try to work around the people in power, but fire them. Get rid of them. I'd rather see tax dollars go towards paying shitty senators to retire early than fund a war.

Well, just check out Obama's page(s) on ED. You probably see racism, some really tasteless jokes, and other miscellaneous awful shit. But really, it's commentary, in the same vein as Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly, just without corporate censors or any attempt at civility. That's what we need right now. Radical irrationalism. A complete lack of judgement. Chaotic-neutral politics. I think we're doomed otherwise.

ED is important because underneath the hate and the gay jokes and the hilariously bad taste, there is a serious message: lighten up. Life is not serious. The world would be much better off if we could all laugh at dick jokes and not have to worry about appearances. Don't worry about trivial things. There are actual issues and there are selfish ones. The world is a big place. There is always a zany third option. There doesn't have to be just left vs right, there can be left vs right vs nowhere.

I'm going off the rails now, this is getting pretty shitty. My point is that ED is an overlooked and too easily dismissed perspective. There's more than just the holocaust jokes. It's hard to believe, but there's culture here, and it's effecting millions of people, the same way MTV did in the 80s and 90s. Instead of sex and music, we're now experiencing a revolution of lulz.