Even when I told people about the idea for this site, people immediately cringed and said: "dude, that's bitchy."

Well yeah, it is. That's part of the point of fuck advocacy. I'm readily accepting of it. Read the goddamn about page. This is a site for haters, for trolls, for critics, for pessimists, and for non-believers. The content here is going to cater towards the people who agree with me that the world sucks and our generation sucks. That's fine, but it's not the real point. Sorry haters, but you're not really my audience, though I welcome your hating alongside mine.

More importantly, and here's where the "how to read this" comes in, this blog is meant for people who are interested in hearing an alternate viewpoint that maybe provokes an idea. I hope people come to this site, are interested enough to read a paragraph or two, and think about these things - regardless of whether you think it's wrong or not - and maybe even respond (after thinking). The wonderful thing about the internet (that's also going to kill it) is the democratization of opinion. We can all have a goddamn website to say whatever we want. So if you don't like it, get the fuck off mine.

Which leads me to how not to read these articles. If I get one goddamn comment - and I KNOW I WILL - that just says "dude you suck you can't even make art" or "x y z band you're trashing is actually really awesome" or "twitter rules! you just don't get it!" then I'm only going to be amused by my successful trolling. This blog is obvious trolling - and obvious troll is obvious - which is the real point here. You fail at reading this if you just think I'm being an asshole. Yes, I'm being an asshole, but that's the whole point. If you don't get that, then please forget you ever came here and go enjoy your BA in Film and your lifetime doing shit work in LA while your soul escapes into the next lifetime without you, leaving only a hollow shell of a human holding a boom on the set of The Closer or some shit show on TNT or ABC or whatever. If you got a laugh out of that long insult, then please stick around.

Also: if you get offended by vulgarity, obscenity, and/or profanity, please leave now. I've already upset you.