The overall theme, and the repeated manta of Katt Williams, is that life is short, so enjoy it. Here are a few more practical life lessons worth reflecting on, which Katt so expertly illustrates with everyday anecdotes and colorful metaphors.

  1. Be grateful for what you've got, it might be all you ever have. Use what life gives you.
  2. Don't let other people tell you who you are. As an adult, you're the only person in charge of yourself.
  3. Know what matters; don't sweat the details.
  4. Don't hang out with people who put you down or make you feel bad — surround yourself with people who are better than that. Take responsibility for yourself, don't blame your surroundings.
  5. Be willing to smile. Loosen up. There's no real glamor to the highly constructed life, so let go of it.
  6. If your life is good, feel good about it. If your life is bad, do something about it. That simple.
  7. What's culturally "acceptable" doesn't always make sense and sometimes acts against your own personal happiness. Don't let mere culture get in your way.
  8. Politics are all about double-talk and the manipulation of popular ignorance. If you obfuscate the truth enough, the lies are too hard to identify. Language is very powerful and can allow a lot of terrible things, so be aware and educate yourself.
  9. Keep doing better. Keep doing. Associate with people who are growing, changing, becoming better people. Stagnation is really boring and usually highlights people you shouldn't hang around.
  10. Your success can be measured by the number of people who are jealous of you, but don't worry about them. Be grateful that they are there to keep letting you know you're doing well.
  11. Add diversity to your life. Hang out with people who have different perspectives, lead different lives, accomplished different things. Everyone has problems, and everyone can learn from each other.
  12. We can all be better parents. It takes a lot of love, tolerance, and patience to be a good parent.
  13. The punishment doesn't always fit the crime. The justice system has become so convoluted and dislocated from common sense and the real world that it's broken.
  14. If people say the same thing about you for a long time, it might just be true. Perception can be just as important as reality.
  15. Be conscious of your audience and your constituents; cater to the people you care about.

Some really good ideas. Pay attention to them. You can learn great life lessons from anybody, anywhere, on any platform.