Recently I've been getting questions/comments like "why do you hate everything?" and "nobody likes you because you hate everything". It's easy for people to ask this and it's also hard to disagree with their reasoning: I write a blog about hating things. It makes sense, superficially, to assume that I hate everything. I tear things down much faster than I praise them. I don't usually like to write about things just because they're awesome (unless they're awesome because they bring the hate). It's fairly logical to assume that, in general, I hate things, and that I'm a fairly negative person because of it.

However, I'm not writing this blog because I hate things, and I'm generally a lot more positive than my nonfiction would make it seem. I like the illusion that I hate everything, because hate can be provocative in a very basic sense. It weeds people out; those who can handle it, and those who cannot. If you can't handle a little hate and provocative thinking in your life, there's something wrong. I write these entries because I enjoy analyzing culture, thinking critically, and expanding on those thoughts through writing. (People have said that I like listening to myself talk: I don't. However, I do like reading my own writing. I'm re-reading this sentence right now, and I'm pretty happy with myself. Does that make me an asshole? Probably.) This writing stems from desire, from enjoying things, from wanting to know more and to express myself. I come upon a topic and I do some research and I read a lot and I think a bit and then I write. Hate is just the easily-accessible platform these ideas orbit: it's the lowest common denominator.

It's easy to hate things, as contemporary society has proven. People are more easy to say they hate things than they like things, since lots of things are different from what we are used to, and anything different deserves to be hated. But that's not the hate I try to tap into here: I utilize the "that sucks because of X Y Z" hate. The pointed, reasoned hatred, which I think is the most volatile and real, unlike blind hatred or the hatred of trends. (Though Miley Cyrus is a trend I hate.) The beauty of hate is its simplicity, how visceral it can be. In reality, I hate very few things, but hate is easy to conjure because it's so elemental. It's an easily transmitted and expressive feeling. Everyone can relate to a character who is hating something, if we are given a sliver of a reason. Hate feels universal: liking something feels personal. When we like a piece of music we tend to internalize it within our self-image, making it a fixture of our lives. Sharing something we enjoy is harder than sharing something we hate, because what we like seems as though it's a part of us and someone judging it means they're judging us, whereas hated things are always external.

Hate needs to be let in sometimes, we need to let it shake us up. Nature and life is equilibrium, and without that counteracting force we grow complacent. Youth is far too complacent. If you like The Smiths or Modest Mouse, stop it and listen to Isaac Hayes. If you like Isaac Hayes, congratulations you have good taste. Anyway.

Honestly, the hate on here is largely a joke. An unfunny, dry lead-in, lacking any real punchline, meaning only to awkwardly hustle us from introduction to content. Throw a few "fuck"s in there to keep the kids interested, make some bold generalized statements, that kind of shit. The joke largely falls flat, which is (mostly) intentional and easy to miss, because there's so much of the shitty joke that the point is buried deep below it, creating a hidden cavern of poorly formed subtext. The joke is a prompt to illicit a reaction: in my case, instead of laughter, I want you to get angry. I want you to react with thought. Good comedy causes one to ponder if what you heard was really a joke at all. Good criticism should do the same. Was that hate? Or was that something more constructive? (Or was it just a joke? Should I even care?)

Mind you, this is not intended as a defense of hate. I say I have reasons for using hate and for hating, but I cannot defend it, I cannot say that it is more productive. If I wanted a larger audience, I'd put tons of pictures in every post, maybe some videos, and obviously I'd ditch the wall of text you're currently slaving through for quick and clever taglines. Conversely, I would be much more persuasive to serious readers if I provided lots of links, context, and data to support my criticisms. I really don't care, though, and I have much more fun with hate than with data or videos. (Castle Nail Fuck is for nonsense on-the-go.) Anyway... I hate hate, it makes me seem like such an asshole. Fuck. Fuck. Oh well.